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Experience an immediate surge in web traffic through our renowned, data-centric PPC campaigns.

Unparalleled PPC Strategies by FATGURU

You’ve laid the groundwork with your website and curated your content. But what comes next? How can you propel targeted and valuable leads to your platform, amplify your visitor count, and ignite an upsurge in your conversion rates?

The solution lies within the domain of pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. A successful PPC campaign has the potential to revolutionise your online enterprise, boasting an average ROI of 200%. Through the precise channelling of focused traffic to your web destination, PPC advertisements outshine all other forms of online advertising strategies.

However, this journey isn’t as straightforward as merely procuring advertisements. The most outstanding PPC campaigns are meticulously crafted through the lens of data-derived insights. Crafted by skilled PPC gurus who possess a deep comprehension of your business goals.

When the success of your digital advertising is on the line, it’s wise to avoid leaving things to luck. Count on our team of PPC gurus at FATGURU for unparalleled outcomes.

Ecommerce PPC Agency

Our Instant-Outcome Approach to PPC

Ever wondered why an overwhelming 80% of brands consider PPC services indispensable to their business? The power lies in the instant outcomes it delivers. Whether you’re diving into the realm of Google Ads or strategically managing social media marketing campaigns for clicks, a precisely crafted PPC ad propels your product or service into the limelight, reaching the right audience at the perfect moment. This very dynamic is what propels our clients to achieve, on average, an impressive 127.8% return on investment from their PPC campaigns. It’s also why a remarkable 90% of them choose to stay with us, month after month.

At FATGURU, we are dedicated to guiding you through a data-driven journey. We’re not just about superficial gains; we believe in substantiated decisions every step of the way. Our process involves delving into your analytics, expertly strategizing your ad for maximised conversions, and even delving into intricate aspects like troubleshooting and heatmap analysis for your landing page. Our team of experts is primed to cover all these aspects, ensuring that your PPC strategies flourish seamlessly.

From Google Search to Microsoft Ads: Embracing Our Comprehensive Strategy

With a staggering 1.2 billion searches occurring every month and an impressive average ad conversion rate of 1.5%, Google Shopping has truly shaken up the world of e-commerce. Are you ready to seize this opportunity?

In the contemporary e-commerce landscape, having an exceptional product is just the beginning. If you’re not effectively driving traffic to your website and optimizing your product feed for Google Shopping results, you’re missing a crucial piece of the puzzle.

The popularity of Google’s shopping tab is on the rise, and our clients consistently surpass their sales targets. With the potential to appear across various sections of Google’s Search Engine Results Pages—as a website link, a text-only PPC ad, or a Shopping ad—Google Shopping advertisements have been proven to achieve 30% higher conversion rates compared to their simpler text-based counterparts.

But how can e-commerce enterprises like yours make the most of this growing marketing channel? The answer is clear: through a partnership with experienced Google Shopping experts like FATGURU.

Over the past few years, we’ve propelled more than 59 brands past the impressive £2 MILLION annual revenue milestone. Could your business be the next success story?

Start a conversation with our team of specialists today, and discover how you can experience a RAPID surge in your revenue by collaborating with the premier Google Shopping agency in the UK.

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FATGURU: Your Trusted Partner for Effective PPC Campaigns

Are you ready to embark on a journey towards a highly converting PPC strategy? It’s time to connect with us. At FATGURU, we stand as your ideal PPC agency, perfectly aligned with your business aspirations. With an intimate understanding of the UK market and a team of adept, data-driven PPC enthusiasts, we possess the expertise to drive tangible results for your business in record time.

Unlike other agencies that simply claim expertise, our PPC team consists of knowledgeable PPC gurus who are not only passionate about their craft but also fully committed to ensuring your website reaches its intended audience through every available method. We’re dedicated to laying out a clear path towards success, leaving no stone unturned in guiding you through the essential steps required to achieve your goals. At FATGURU, we’re all about offering impartial, transparent, and data-supported recommendations. Our track record underscores the impact we can deliver.

Experience a remarkable upswing in your revenue, attract motivated visitors to your website, and command a prominent position in the Google rankings. This all is possible through the expert PPC management services offered by FATGURU. We encourage you to establish contact with our proficient paid search team today.

Our Wide Range of PPC Services

At FATGURU, we stand as your ultimate digital marketing companion. Boasting a team of dedicated UK-based PPC experts, our strategies for precision-targeted advertising are derived from insightful data and a wealth of hands-on experience. Explore the spectrum of our services, spanning the most influential PPC platforms, designed to amplify your marketing budget and drive a swift surge of traffic.

Google Ads

In a digital landscape buzzing with around 99,000 searches per second, Google Ads emerges as your ultimate key to swiftly position your business before your most coveted audience, bypassing the time-consuming intricacies of an extensive SEO campaign. Harness the power of targeted traffic and harvest the rewards of pre-qualified leads through the precision of Google search ads, masterfully curated by FATGURU.

Google Shopping

Embrace the skyrocketing momentum of Google's expansive shopping platform, a realm that presents online retailers with an unrivalled return on investment. Seize the moment to connect with your audience by delivering the exact products they actively seek. Discover the potential of Google Shopping's prime advertising space, all while benefiting from the seasoned guidance of FATGURU, your partner in the realm of PPC expertise.

PPC Consultancy

Are your PPC campaigns not yielding the results you desire, despite your dedicated efforts? Put your trust in the hands of paid advertising experts and witness your business soar to new heights. Our team of PPC gurus is ready to dissect intricate data, delivering remarkable outcomes through our comprehensive consultancy services.

Ecommerce PPC

The ecommerce landscape is full of competition, demanding retailers to stand out. Rise above your competitors by partnering with Hertfordshire's renowned PPC Agency. A variety of satisfied online retailers have achieved over £10 million in revenue over the past year alone. Join hands with us to script your success story.

Facebook Ads

In a realm where nearly 3 billion individuals engage with the largest social media platform, your potential customers await. Welcome to the realm of social advertising, a dynamic strategy that paves the way for unparalleled business growth. Leverage the impact of a tailored Facebook paid advertising campaign by FATGURU to exceed your sales targets and establish your market dominance.

Instagram Ads

Within the vibrant world of Instagram, over 1 billion monthly users set forth on journeys of visual delight, seeking aesthetics, engaging reels, and your captivating products. Navigate this landscape hand in hand with us, as we curate shopping ads that seamlessly meld with the Instagram experience. Our social campaigns function as a unified force across every level of your sales funnel, boosting conversions with every scroll. Partner with FATGURU and let's paint your success story on this digital canvas.

Surpassing the Norms of a Typical PPC Agency

Seeking more than just the conventional? If you're inclined towards expanding your horizons with video advertisements, creating waves on social media, or taking your website to the next level through SEO (search engine optimization), our team of PPC gurus are ready to fulfil your every business requirement.

PPC Agency FAQs

Absolutely. PPC isn’t a quick fix for sales challenges; it’s a crucial part of a long-term digital advertising strategy. Like any marketing effort, it’s complex. Often, the best results come from partnering with an experienced PPC marketing agency like ours.

A PPC agency like ours brings expertise to your business, handling campaigns on platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads, and social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. By choosing us as your PPC agency, you tap into our knowledge and experience to optimise campaigns and reach your advertising goals faster – whether that’s boosting traffic, generating leads, or increasing sales.

When deciding on a PPC agency, it’s essential to consider our expertise and experience. As an award-winning digital marketing agency, we possess the data-backed knowledge to help you succeed.

At FATGURU, our fees vary based on factors like campaign size, complexity, and project scope. We’re proud to offer personalised pricing for all our clients, tailored to your specific needs.

If you have a project in mind or are just starting with PPC campaigns, get in touch with us now. We can discuss your requirements and create a budget that suits you.

PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, is a digital marketing strategy where companies pay for each ‘click’ on their ads. These ads appear on high-traffic web pages, often within search engine results pages (SERPs). With PPC, you pay only when a user clicks through to your webpage.

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