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Web Design Newport

Discover “FATGURU Web Design | SEO | Newport”,

an award-winning web design and SEO agency located in the heart of Newport. Specialising in innovative web designs, we offer tailored solutions for both local and national businesses. Our commitment to excellence ensures high-performance websites that are SEO-optimised, user-friendly, and designed to drive results. Partner with us for a distinctive online presence and a substantial return on investment.

Innovative Web Designs in Newport

At “FATGURU Web Design Newport,” we proudly stand as a renowned web design agency situated in Newport. Our commitment lies in creating custom and engaging online journeys for both emerging ventures and well-established enterprises. Through a collaborative strategy, we thoughtfully address every aspect of web design and brand identity. Our dedication extends to encompass SEO refinement, dynamic engagement, and seamless UI/UX integration, resulting in innovative solutions that set the standard within the industry. Our expertise is centred around the creation of high-performance, engaging digital encounters. These experiences are strategically designed to empower our clients with a distinctive competitive edge, ensuring a substantial return on investment.

Innovative Web Design Team in Newport

We’re a well-established, experienced, and reliable web design agency based in Newport. As a recognised Google Partner, we maintain close collaboration with Google account managers, enabling us to provide valuable insights into effective digital marketing strategies. Our Newport team comprises UI/UX experts, skilled web designers, experienced developers, informed digital marketers, and dynamic project managers. This collective expertise ensures that we are well-equipped to handle every aspect of your Newport project with precision and innovation.

Bespoke Website Design in Newport

Being a renowned web design agency in Newport, we bring our well-practised methodology to the forefront with every project we undertake. This rigorous approach guarantees that every element of creating a high-performance website is thoroughly attended to. Our in-house team, consisting of highly skilled professionals, showcases our commitment. Their diverse skill set ensures that we’re equipped to assign a dedicated specialist to guide you through each stage of your Newport web project. From inception to execution, our experts are ready to bring your vision to life.


Immersing ourselves in your vision, our Aberdeen team crafts a strategic roadmap.

Google Shopping Agency


Blueprinting your digital journey, we lay the foundation for an intuitive user experience.

Design Genesis

Collaboratively, we breathe life into your digital persona.

Web Crafting

Translating designs into functional web entities.

Narrative Integration

Melding content and design, we craft a cohesive brand narrative.

Quality Assurance

Rigorous testing ensures your website performs flawlessly across the digital spectrum.

Our Web Design Approach in Newport

Every website we create is customised according to your Newport business needs. Our experienced Newport web design team adheres to the latest web design and SEO standards. This methodology ensures exceptional scalability, adaptability, and efficiency. The outcome is improved website loading speeds for an optimised user experience.

GDPR Compliance: Recognising that addressing the new GDPR requirements can be challenging, we provide thorough solutions. Each of our websites integrates a thorough GDPR compliance review, ensuring the compliance of your website and its data processing with GDPR regulations. 

Mobile Friendly: Each website we develop functions seamlessly on mobile devices and tablets, guaranteeing exceptional mobile performance through responsive web design utilising CSS/JS technology.

SEO Optimised: As an integral aspect of our website development process, our SEO team in Newport will execute on-site optimisation to ensure your website ranks prominently for the appropriate keywords.

 CMS Expertise: We specialise in WordPress CMS, enabling us to tailor and customise a powerful website to meet your specific requirements.

E-Commerce Excellence: We offer secure, enterprise-standard e-commerce websites. We possess the capability to customise e-commerce systems such as Magento and WooCommerce.

Immersive Web Experiences: Our web development team in Newport expertly embeds interactive elements into your website to captivate and inspire your visitors.

Security: Ensuring the security of your website and its data is a core consideration. We implement measures to safeguard your website from potential threats.

 Social Media Integration: Our web design team seamlessly integrates your social media accounts into your website, ensuring real-time and hassle-free sharing of the latest information.

Why Choose FATGURU for Web Design in Newport?

With a talented team of designers in Newport, we craft websites that capture your brand essence and deeply connect with your audience. Our approach is built on collaboration and simplicity. We understand the unique challenges Newport businesses face in the ever-changing digital environment. That’s why we offer a wide range of services, from designing visually engaging websites to websites which are SEO optimised. Let’s join hands on this journey together and make a remarkable online presence that stands out in the digital world.

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