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Full-Fledged SEO Services

Experience the rewards of SEO without any hassle, thanks to our impeccably managed SEO services.

Managed SEO Services - Your Comprehensive SEO Solution For Every Business

Struggling to find the time for SEO in your busy schedule? Or maybe you’d rather not dive into the complexities of SEO and its application on your website? That’s where we step in!

With our managed SEO services, you can begin reaping the benefits of SEO without lifting a finger throughout the entire campaign. Our dedicated in-house SEO gurus will handle all the necessary tasks, ensuring that the campaign generates optimal outcomes.

Here at FATGURU, our clientele spans a diverse array of businesses. From global e-commerce giants to local businesses seeking to leverage the online world for customer acquisition.

Ready to learn more about our managed SEO services? Explore the details further by scheduling a discovery call with our team of SEO gurus. Alternatively, continue reading to delve into the comprehensive features of our service:

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Crafting a Customised SEO Approach

Embarking on the path to a successful SEO campaign isn’t a simple, direct route. Every business thrives within its unique ecosystem and caters to a distinct array of customers. To guide your managed SEO campaign towards success, our proficient in-house team will formulate a bespoke SEO strategy meticulously tailored to your business and its aspirations. Rest assured, we’ll harness all the latest SEO methodologies and finest practices. What sets us apart is our commitment to adopting an approach that’s finely tuned to your business requirements.

Our agency thrives on active involvement rather than a set-it-and-forget-it mentality. On a monthly basis, we come together to carefully examine your campaign. This approach empowers us to discover opportunities for enhancement and necessary adjustments, ensuring that we proceed with utmost precision.

Skilful Technical Optimisation

While isolated technical glitches are unlikely to wield a substantial influence over your website’s SEO performance, the accumulation of such issues can gradually erode its effectiveness. This compounding effect can hinder the pace of your SEO campaign, even if all other aspects are meticulously executed according to our standards.

In order to position your website for optimal success in both the immediate and distant future, our adept technical SEO gurus will diligently address all technical errors on your site prior to launching the campaign. This strategic approach ensures that our endeavours are dedicated to a website built on a robust foundation, primed for outstanding outcomes.

While conducting the SEO audit, our team of technical SEO experts will diligently uncover all technical discrepancies and opportunities for enhancement present within your website. There are certain technical SEO pitfalls that your site might encounter without your direct awareness, such as:

Our in-house team of SEO experts do the following:

Comprehensive Keyword Research

When delving into the realm of keyword research, our approach goes beyond the standard pursuit of competitive phrases. At FATGURU, we take an extra stride by identifying what we fondly term as the “low-hanging fruit” keywords. These are the hidden gems – long-tail keywords with lower search volumes that might not attract the intense rivalry, yet possess the potential to generate substantial traffic.

Our keyword research involves a thorough sweep, not just through the bustling market, but also the less-travelled avenues. This process, led by our seasoned on-page SEO team, harnesses the power of cutting-edge tools such as Ahrefs and SemRush. Through their precise insights, we uncover a comprehensive array of keywords primed for your campaign’s success.

Once the keyword research phase concludes, our team of content strategists embarks on a two-fold mission: enhancing your existing content and crafting new. All of this is seamlessly integrated with the carefully curated set of target keywords, ensuring that your online presence thrives.

Optimised Written Content

In the realm of SEO, the value of substantial, quality content cannot be underestimated. Without well-optimised content, search engines struggle to understand your website and business, leading to lower keyword rankings. On the flip side, if your website’s content doesn’t meet the mark, the few visitors you attract won’t feel motivated to take action.

Our team of expert content writers is here to ensure you never find yourself in such a predicament. They specialise in creating content that resonates with both search engines and readers alike. Whether it’s dynamic blog posts, informative service pages, or other content needs, our in-house content strategists have the skills and ability to set your business apart and enhance its ranking.

Keyword Research / Creating Backlinks

Link building emerges as a pivotal element, capable of creating a significant impact on your website’s SEO performance. In the absence of a robust backlinks portfolio, your site’s competitiveness against industry giants within the SERP (search engine results pages) could be compromised. Even though your site might manage to vie for low-volume keywords without a strong backlinks profile, such a profile becomes imperative when your aim is to target high-traffic, short-tail keywords.

To provide your site with optimal prospects of success, typically within the second month, our off-page SEO team will initiate the process of link building. This marks the phase when authoritative websites within your industry begin establishing connections back to your website.

Meet the Gurus Behind Our Managed SEO Services

At the core of SEO campaigns lies a dedicated team of specialists who toil ceaselessly to ensure your success. As you embark on your journey with FATGURU, expect nothing less. Our assembly encompasses ingenious content strategists, adept keyword researchers, skilled link-building experts, and accomplished web developers – all coming together to build an SEO powerhouse.

Individually, each member within our in-house SEO group contributes a distinct fusion of skills, knowledge, and proficiency. However, it’s at the junction of our collective capabilities that we truly break down barriers and achieve top-tier SEO outcomes for our esteemed clients.

Full-Fledged SEO Services FAQs

Our adaptable SEO management services cater to a diverse range of businesses. Whether you operate a local equipment rental company or command a global presence as an e-Commerce giant, our proven skills, in-depth expertise, and extensive experience are at your disposal to drive your SEO aspirations forward. Nonetheless, a specific category of business stands to gain the maximum advantages from our comprehensive full-fledged SEO services. This category involves enterprises helmed by proprietors with demanding schedules, leaving them with inadequate time to fully immerse themselves in the intricacies of SEO implementation. For such enterprises, the optimal solution lies in outsourcing these responsibilities to a reputable SEO agency like FATGURU, allowing us to adeptly manage every facet on their behalf.

Our comprehensive managed SEO services encompass every aspect of your campaign, ensuring you can focus on your business with confidence. From meticulous keyword research and compelling content creation to strategic link building and refined web development, we house dedicated gurus of all dimensions of SEO to propel your campaign towards success. Beyond these core offerings, our commitment extends to monthly campaign analysis, affording us the opportunity to introduce pertinent adjustments whenever necessary. This dynamic approach empowers us to continuously expand the horizons of your SEO campaign, delivering optimal outcomes. This solution holds particular appeal for businesses whose proprietors are engulfed in their responsibilities, leaving them insufficient time to delve into the intricacies of SEO execution. For such enterprises, entrusting a reputable SEO agency like FATGURU to manage these intricacies emerges as the perfect strategy.

Certainly. While our managed SEO campaign packages are crafted to offer a hands-off experience, we welcome your valuable suggestions, thoughts, ideas, or insights with open arms.

After all, it’s your business’s SEO campaign, and your desire to stay engaged is both respected and encouraged. Whether you wish to actively participate in shaping the campaign or prefer a more distant role, the choice is entirely yours to make. Your level of involvement is a decision we wholeheartedly support.

Whether you’re seeking an initial conversation or prepared to take the leap, the next stride involves a discovery call with our proficient team. In this enlightening conversation, we’ll delve into the intricacies of your business, your objectives, and how our managed SEO service aligns with your aspirations.

To proceed, simply identify a suitable time and date from the array of options in the calendar provided below. Your next step towards SEO success is just a booking away.

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